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G o l d  & S i l v e r 

Metalics: gold, silver, bronze, metal leaf: copper, aluminium & schlag

Chinoserie cabinet, gold detail
Gilded tree on fabric
White gold and gold eglomise
Architectural Gilding cornice

Stansted Drawing Room

Detail of glivering

Silver grounds with a golden hue, mottled and brushed over lincrustra to create a warm glow.

Water gilded table
Eglomise detail panels
Golden border

As part of a mixed technique work, gilding and trompe l'oeil

Dragon's head painted in gold
Faux golden inlay on red lacquer
Chinoserie gold detailing

The green library

Gold painted griffen (Faux inlay)
Silver leaves on fabric

JTH initial



Decorative gold mural statement wall
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