G o l d  & S i l v e r 

Metalics: gold, silver, bronze, metal leaf: copper, aluminium & schlag

Stanstead Drawing Room - silver leaf
Crimson & metal leaf
gold eglamise
water gilded table
athens drawing room, gold & white
gilded cornice
cabinet, gold detail
antique gold ceiling with bosses
Dragon's head
gold wallpaper
gold detail in a library
DJ booth- Loulou's
silver leave on faux leather
gold griffin
painted silver mica & silver leaf
gilding wallpaper
acanthus leaf green-gold plate
silver leaves on fabric
metalics on blue - the milky way
gold tree
JTH initial
gold rosette
gold design for a plate
gold stone
KL inital
gold & white gold on glass
silver wallpaper
copper on green ground
flowers  on silver leatherette
sample for a ceiling
silver / blue lincrusta