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Lizzi Porter

I'm a decorative artist based in London for over 20 years, 

a graduate of Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University,

and The Royal College of Art, London.

I have worked all over Great Britain
as well as in Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Turkey,

Saudi Arabia, Greece, Ireland, Sri Lanka.and U.S.A.

I enjoy collaborating with clients and contractors

to match the scale of any decorative work.

I can call on a network of artists and talented individuals,

 to help realise larger schemes: 

a ruined Lebanese city overgrown by trees,

a chinoiserie bedroom or a mural painted on canvas.


Bumble bees swarming through a window

or a few sprigs of lavender, as if dropped on a kitchen floor;

 I can paint these alone in a day.


What else can I paint?
Anything you’d like to imagine!  

Who do I work for?
 Multinational companies to small children, 
curators and interior designers.

Previous commisions include: 


Vines curling across a copper leafed ceiling in Monte Carlo

Ivory masks and acanthus leaves scrolling around a hallway in Beauville 

Spraying wild graffiti in the creative meeting room for 
a company headquarters in Cambridge


Researching a coat of arms and then designing a table mat

and the decoration for a dinner service

Flamboyant Chinese peonies climbing over tarnished silver in New Orleans


Painting the Milky Way on the ceilings of a night club

Pinewood graining over all the walls in a drawing room in London

Collaborating with a 12 year old, painting butterflies on her blue bedroom 
walls while she reads me Roald Dahl

A morning photographing and playing with dogs in a garden 
so that I could paint their portraits in the afternoon.


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